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This was a spectacular bridal session.  I had so much fun at Garden of the Gods and The Colorado Springs School.  This was a wonderful opportunity to do images at amazing places with a view that is jaw dropping.  I love to travel to see all the world has to offer, even though Texas is large enough to be a country itself.  The view at Garden of the Gods was breath taking.  I found my favorite spot to shoot and I called it "turtle mountain" It looked liek a turtle to me.  They have official names for the mountains in the Garden of the Gods, but I prefer to go with the flow and call it how I see it.  :)  The history and intricate details at the Colorado Springs School was like walking back in time.  The walls, the windows, just everything was amazing.  Grace is a personal friend of my daughter and her family friends with me as well.  It was such an honor to shoot her bridals, rehearsal and wedding during the week I was there.  Grace met the love of her life while visiting another friend at the Air Force Academy and it was love forever.  I had the pleasure of shooting the proposal as a surprise.  I have no words for the sweetness that happened that afternoon.  Being a part of it from start to finish was amazing and something I will remember always. 


At the end I have some behind the scenes pics.  It includes my daughter helping out her best friend, some bunnies, dad and mom make an appearance as well.  Just some fun pics to show - it takes a small little village and some wildlife as well to make everything a small hint of a fairytale.

Behind the scenes fun!


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