Tips for Bridal Sessions
Be ready to have a fun and exciting time.  Bridals with Susan are something to remember, but its work and oh so much fun!!  I want your natural, beautiful smile to show through.  I want to see your real personality coming out in these images.  No worries, we will get the perfect pose for mom :) but we will also get all the amazing ones you have always wanted to do since you were a little girl playing dress will be a fun day, so get ready and bring your energy! 
Bring  your wedding day shoes and a pair of flats for walking around the locations.  I recommend something easily slipped on and off and comfy.  Depending on the location, there could be a lot of walking.  Try doing shoes that have a pop of fun color instead of just white shoes or the sparkly ones...color is always fun. 
Don't forget about the color for your hands - the BOUQUET - yes you need your bridal bouquet (smaller version).  If you forget, no worries, text me that morning and I will have my florist I use make up a quick one for you.  I am happy to do that.  Your florist should provide you with a sample bouquet so you can see what yours might look like for the wedding, just a smaller version. She may or may not charge a small fee. 
Bring your veil, headpiece, flower, barrette, or whatever it is you are wearing in your hair.  We will do some pics with and some without.  Steam your veil in the bathroom using the steam from a hot shower to get the wrinkles out. It works great. 
Bring a sheet if you like, I always have one...but sometimes I forget it in the washer... to match the color of your gown so we can keep that special gown as neat and tidy as possible.  Your dress WILL get dirty.  Mostly just the underside.  Although I am very careful, be prepared to have your dress dry cleaned afterwards.  (Mainly just because you may get sweaty and you want that gone on your wedding day)
Spray Tanning - this is vital and important!!  If you are wanting to make yourself ever more beautiful and have that Texas golden tan that we all love but don't want the heat and you have done a spray tan, PLEASE do this TWO days before or do the clear accelerated two hour processing tan, shower when time is up, then the next day do your bridals!!  It is very important you do not spray tan the day of your bridals or your wedding, it WILL stain your dress! In this Texas heat, it will melt off of your arms and chest and rub on your dress.  You won't really notice until you look a week later and the tanning product has now processed on your beautiful gown!!  Oh No! 
Don't forget your jewelry but consider bringing some fun colorful pieces or that special sentimental piece that grandma handed down, but you just can't wear on your wedding day because it isn't with the trend of your dress or wont go with your jewelry.  This can give you a variety of looks during your session and make that special moment last forever when you aren't rushed during your wedding day. 
Bring makeup to touchup, hairspray, hair pins and bottled water or vitamin water to keep you hydrated.  In the Texas heat this is a MUST!  
This is a great time to get with your makeup artist and hair stylist for your trial run.   It is the best opportunity for you to see if this is how you want to look on your wedding day.  You will see in your bridal proofs if this is the "look" you are expecting for that special "Ahhh" moment when you walk down the aisle to see your wonderful groom for the first time or during your reveal.  Either way, you will be gorgeous and take his breath away. 
Make sure you have someone there to support you with your pictures that day. You will need some one to help carry your touch up makeup, water, and laughs to keep you going during your session.  Bring a healthy snack as well.  This way you don't get the dropsies :) 
Avoid drinking alcohol the night before your session as this will cause unnecessary puffy eyes and dark circles, bloated tummies, and a possible hangover and in the heat it isn't fun trying to walk around in a heavy hot dress and recoup from a party night prior :)  If it is cold, bring a sweater or hoodie that is easily removed to take your pics. 
Most importantly bring your smile and excitement.  We are going to have a blast. 
I can't wait to see you in your dress!!!!  So excited :) 
Tips For Boudoir Sessions
Pretty much the same as above for bridals apply to this.  Make certain to bring your veil for a veil and panty shot and silhouette.  Bring items that are for "him"  like his favorite baseball, football or hockey team.  (Not everyone is one of the Dallas Franchise NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL Fan) Bring your college apparel  of his as well. You can bring momentos of your first date, the engagement or anything else sentimental with you to make this special for him.  Bring a FRIEND or BRIDAL PARTY person. This is required!  As a professional courtesy, just like at a Drs. office, a third party must be in the room for all shoots as this is a vulnerable shoot for some.  You are in your "delicates".  Make sure not to  drink alcohol the night before so you don't have red eyes, puffy eyes, etc.  You can have a cocktail before your shoot to sway the nerves, but not too much as this WILL show in your images. Smiles aren't genuine, they get sloppy.  (truly they do) Your eyes will get glassy and you will get sleepy.  I want you to be having fun and enjoy this shoot. 
Honestly we goof off more than we shoot half the time, but its all about having a great time, being comfortable and making this a special thing for your man!!  He will LOVE you for it.  Depending on the package your have chosen bring at LEAST 3 outfit changes, have your hair and makeup done prior to arrival.  Bring sassy shoes and thigh high stockings - the guys like those ;) Bring outfits you are comfortable wearing in front of me and your friend that is with you.  It makes it easier on everyone.
Absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE - NO NUDES!   You can be topless, but "covered". All your private business must be covered as this is a professional, tactful and classy shoot, not a playboy shoot.  If that is what you are going for...I suggest you ask someone else.  Besides, I can't print that for you in your book.  We are all ladies and we will keep it that way.
Security of your boudoir images - They are absolutely private, protected by triple passwords and all different for each shoot.  If you forget it, call me as I will not provide it over a text message.  I don't know that its actually you if it is a text. TOTAL privacy is what the goal is. If you don't want anyone to ever see the images even for examples, tell me in advance so that I do not show them.  
If you refer someone, they must call me on the phone so I know it is a female, she must give a password so I know it IS a referral.  The password will be your personal password for the site.  I never know who is on the other end of the phone and your protection is my utmost concern! People try all kinds of stuff - it is a goofy world. 
Lastly - HAVE FUN and THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING ME to do your images!
Susan :)